Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lecture Homework: SRL

The work of Survival Research Labortories fulfills the fantasies of any destructive soul or a vision of the end of the world. When watching a show machines are rolling, fighing and destorying anything that gets in the way. Baisically for anyone who views the show can fantasize about how the world might end. With flames and lighting in thei air, the show gives the audience an apocalypse kind of atmophere.
            Another event that could be compared to SRL would be an entertainment show called Junkyard Wars. Why they are similar is because both events have people create something machine like and make them move somehow. Both events are destructive and put on a show for the audience. Though they are different as what purpose they are serving. SRL is trying to send a message to their audience. Whereas Junkyard Wars is just entertainment for the veiwers. SRL is a group of people working together to create art out of whatever object. Junkyard Wars have teams compete to build something from certain objects to win a competetion.
            I believe SRL promotes and critiques mechanical violence. With any performance, it will only continue to run if people come and see the show. It needs to be entertaining and keep the audience around until the end of the show. Violence is a subject that interest most audience. That’s why SRL promotes mechanical violence. For entertainment reasons and to keep the audience awake. However the show also critiques the violence. When watching the show everyone watches the machines fight and roll around. With the fire and destruction, the audience can’t help but feel a similar pressence of the world. The audience can see something like the show happen in the real world. Knowing this the audience critiques the mechanical violence and wonders what could stop this from happening in the real world.
            SRL’s audience are those who want to see machines battle it out or those who are entertained by machines. Basically anyone who is not disturbed by loud noices is the audience SRL is looking for. As far as staging goes, SRL picks the places where metal is easy to accses, no machines really exsist, war tore apart the stage or where war is not anywhere in sight. Amsterdam is somewhat perfect for a SRL show as Amsterdam was in the heart of World War II. Machines destoyed their cournty and homes as they had almost fallen into disrepair. As society began to change different politicians made plans to rebuild their home. As the plans came into play, Amersterdam became intensely urbanized bringing in more machines. Why it is the perfect stage is because of Amsterdam’s history with machines. Amsterdam would understand the message. Tripoli, Libya, Kandhar and Afghanistan would not be ideal places to stage an SRL event. Most of these countries have wither experianced or are going through war. Tripoli, Libya and Afghanistan are the closet to each other where Kandhar is the furthes away. These places are low on income and would not like to be reminded of machine destruction. With war attatched to these places, its not a good idea as they might be offened by SRL’s shows.

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