Friday, May 6, 2011

7 Idea Proposal

1.      Performance idea

Idea is life in general. Could take 2-3 minutes. Will dress girly (kind of) with a piece of chalk in hand. Skip in, draw hop scotch on floor. Once finish, and text within each box (7 boxes, one half circle). Each circle has a negative word in it. 1. Envy 2. Lust 3. Wrath 4. Pride 5. Sloth 6. Gluttony 7. Greed. Simi circle= Damned. At the end, smile, giggle and skip away.

2.      Performance idea
Idea is my life in WASH from beggening to end. Could take 3-2 minutes. Large box (material of box still pending) in center of stage. I come in whistling, once past box slow down to a stop. Walk around box a few times before opening it. First comes out a lot of newspaper, cardboard, cardboard cutter, glue sticks, hot glue gun, circles, black umbrella, soup spoons, ink bottle, camera, Jack, black lipstick, medicine bottle with tik-tak, mirror pieces, colored dots, maconite, papers, plastic. At very bottom of box, a question mark is found. Walk away with a confused face.

3.      3-D
Get a large mirror. With different colored paint, create a person as life like as possible. Once finished make a crack in the center of mirror. Project is linking to the perfection of a person.

4.      3-D
Anger is the main topic. Want to make a hand out of wire, this is just the stucture. When finished, cover with plastic wrap (preferably black). Gives it a wave angry effect, maybe give it red paint slashes.

5.      3-D
Like my modulare maddness piece just making it more extravagant. MORE SPOONS!!

6.      2-D
Have a large piece of paper. With art utensils (paint, paint brushes, ink, pencils charcoal…). Create a picture. Picture will be black wings, with a messy touch die to paint and ink.

7.      2-D/3-D
Make interactive peice. Create something coming out of the wall

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