Sunday, February 20, 2011

Imaginary Lines in my Life

So my line? What is my line? Is it some chessy corny line that goes up and down without a pause? Or is it a line that amazes everyone in a loop? I think my line is many things, that like a heart monitor. Going up to the happiest moments to the dirt bottom worst. Though I hate looking at my lines. I like to look at other lines in my life as I continue to draw my line.
            So this one line started slow then rapidly escaladed up. Then for some reason it began to go down. Not straight down like you would think, it looked more like a downward spiral. It’s still going down and doesn't seem to stop.
            Another line was always steady as a board. Then it began to crumble. Not all at once, it broke to bits one at a time for several years. Before it broke away it stopped moving forward. Funny how things just stop.
            This line was strong and bold. Never bent to anything, passed through other lines like the wind. Thought it did go down occasionaly it escaladed back up. That’s a line I aspire to be.
            This other line was not a line. It was short, sharp lines that went horizontal and strainght like a knife. They were red as well. I don't know why these lines became so.
            Another line was all in jagged directions. Going one way then another so fast. I never trusted this line.
            Another line was so carefree. It looked like waves and loops, just going with the flow. It did seem happy, I can’t argue with that.
            So what is my line? I think all these lines helped me find my line, whether it was a good line or not. My line…is one that goes up and explodes at the top. Maybe because it could be interpreted in two different ways. One would be I like to start off simple then blow everyone’s mind away. Or I start off simple and then in the end I can’t take it anymore and explode.
            Exploding…I wonder how many lines I’ll have to encounter before I see the finale?

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