Thursday, February 24, 2011

Road Map of Life

A.    Lived locations
Fallbrooke, CaliHouston, TxPalacios, TxHuntsville, Tx
Was born in Fallbrooke, Cali then moved to Houston, Tx before turning one. Lived in Palacios, Tx for 18 years. Now I live in Huntsville, Tx.

B.     Significat relationships of each location
Can’t remember Fallbrooke or Houston

I.                   Shraon E.-Mother
            b. Emotional= Aspires me to go forward even when I feel I can’t go any further
                        II. “Go and do great”

I.                   Peter E.-Father
            b. Emotional= Aspires me to take opportunities when they arise.
                        II. “This is your time to shine”

I.                   Ninfa F.-Grandmother
            b. Emotional=Aspires me to be a strong, independent woman
                        II. “No se casan” (Don’t get married)


I.                   Ollie M.
b. Emotional= Puts a smile on my face when I’m down.
            II. “This makes me smile”

I.                   David G.
b. Emotional= Makes me relax when I’m stressed
            II. “Rave music is awsome”

I.                   Heather M.
c. Spiritual= Helped me find God again
            II. “Bored? Go pray”

C.     Educational relationships
            Early Childhood
I.                   Day School/Elementry
A.    Elizabth C.- First friend ever to make
B.     Eveyln-Second friend and had in my classroom
C.     J.D- First friend to be a boy
II.                Mrs. Galloway- Very nice and allowed me to read all the books I wanted
III.             “Let’s play!” “Eh?”
IV.             Gum-Loved playing with it for some reason
V.                I wanted to be a teacher.
I wanted to learn the piano
VI.             Mrs. Galloway dies
VII.          My best friend and I always hung around each other
Late childhood
I.                   East Side Intermediate School
A.    Lexi D.- Had same classes and liked each other
B.     Tess W. –Had same interest
C.     Miguel A.- Both liked homeade enchaladas
II.                Mrs. Calloway- Introduced me to singing
III.             “Please and thank you” “Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do”
IV.             Madeline L’Engle Books- Loved the books, aspired me to become a writer
V.                Found out that despite I didn’t talk much, discover I had a powerful voice.
VI.             Lost my dog
VII.          Me and my friends hanged out all the time
Pre Teen
I.                   Palacios Junior High School (A.K.A= Worst years of anyone who attened )
A.    Previous Friends from childhood, we stayed together in a tight pack
II.                Mrs. Sturnbergh- Guided me threw junior high days
III.             “Run away!” “*explicit*”
IV.             My string- When I was bored in class my play string helped me stay awake
V.                Didn't know what I wanted to be
VI.             Gave up on cafeteria food
VII.          Friends still hung out
Teenager Years
I.                   Palacios High School (A.K.A=Living Hell on Earth)
A.    Same loyal friends
II.                Coach Arneson= Biggest asshole ever, Mr. Dean= Taught me to sing better, Mr. Garnett= Directed me to being an art major, Mrs. Koenig= Showed me about animation
III.             “Sing with everything” “There are no stupid questions, just stupid people” “Sarcasm at its best”
IV.             Butterfly choker necklace- treasure given to me by my mother
V.                Found my ambition to be a computer animator
VI.             Grandfather dies
VII.          Friends are friends forever
Early Adulthood
I.                   Sam Houston State University
A.    Ollie M.- Met at Saturday at Sam’s. Now were good friends
B.     David G.- Met at Sammypalooza
C.     Georgia D.- Roomate, good friends
D.    Heather M.- Met at party
II.                Dr. Strauss= Helps me with school
III.             “I’m getting sick of ramen” “Pecking order” “Ghost Nappa” “So much to do” “I want to take a nap” “NERD!”
IV.             Picture of my infant second cousin= She makes me smile when I’m down
V.                Will graduate
VI.             Miss my friends
VII.          I’m fine and walking forward

D.    Carrer
i.                    Will become an animator
ii.                  Want to get a job working for Pixar Animation Studios
E.     Spiritual Path
i.                    Lost my way, then got back on the path.
F.      Sexuality or gender evolution/path or relationship to the body
i.                    Staying pure till wedding night
G.    Pathway of achievements
Won choir competetionsWon softball tournaments
H.    Pathways of pain or crisis or loss
Deal with lossDeal with being ignored cause of my shynessDeal with loss of grandfatherWorry about dissapointing others
I.       Pathway of dreams/desires
Wanted to be a teacherDidn’t know what I wanted to beI want to be an animator

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