Tuesday, March 22, 2011

5 Ideas for 60 Seconds Live

1.      Music
I.                   Flute
I'll play the flute whether or not its in tune

II.               Violin
Somehow obtain a violin no one wants. Play it and at the very end destory it

III.              Guitar
Play some chords until the end
IV.             Drums
Bag them until the end
V.          Music sheets
Get actual music pieces, flip threw them and throw each one in the air
2.      Suicide
I.                   Knife
I'll pretend to think about cutting myself. Pretend I'm cutting my wrist then at end pretend to cut neck

II.                Medicine Bottle
Put white/red candy in an empty medicine bottle. Cry in preformance, shallow fake medicine and die at end

III.             Water bucket
Put water in bucjket. Stare at water for long time, put head in bucket and hold breath. Make it seem like I'm drowning myself

IV.             Toy Gun
Get an almost real life toy gun with play bullets. Sit on ground, fiddle with toy gun.Last moments put gun to head and pull the trigger

V.                Poison bottle
Put soda or some colored liquid in a bottle labeled poison. Look and peruse the bottle then drink it and pretend to die
3.      Twirl
I.                   Rope
With a rope of any kind I will twirl it in many directions for 60 seconds
II.                Tape
With tape I'll pull some of the tape and leave the rest on the roll. While still connected twirl around

III.             Rod
From a broom/mop I take the rod and twirl it around my body like in martial arts
IV.             Flag stick
Like the rod, I'll take a flag of any kind and twirl it around my body

V.                Cloth
Most likely a bed sheet, I'll twirl it around with my hands
4.      Messy
I.                   Paint
Most likely to be face paint or paint that comes out of clothes. With the paint I will smear it all over my body/clothes
II.                Hair spray
Will use different color hair spray and spray it in my hair for 60 seconds
III.             Body Glitter
Wearing a tank top and shorts, I'll spary different color body glitter on me for 60 seconds
IV.             Chocolate
Unwrap the chocolate bar, hold in hands until it slightly melts. Then try to eat it making a big mess on face
V.                Gum
Chew huge wad of gum until ready to blow. Mkae a huge bubble and then let it pop on face
5.      Blue
I.                   Blue Ball
Play and bounce with the blue ball for 60 seconds
II.                Blue Umbrella
Twirl and dance with blue umbrella

III.             Blue Tape
Wrap my arms and legs in blue tape

IV.             Blue  Paint
Will be easy wash off blue paint, smear it all on my body and clothes for 60 seconds
V.                Blue Hair Spray
Will spray paint my hair blue for 60 seconds

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