Thursday, March 31, 2011

MFAH Homework

Video: Blind/Spot 2007
Could not draw continous motion of video

Joseph Havel, American, Exhaling Pearls 1993
Could not draw greening copper

 Khmer, Angkor period, Buteuy Shrei style. Guardian Lion 10th century. Pink sandstone
Could not draw brown/pink color of stone

Roman (Jilio-Claudian) Imperial Portrait of the Emperor Caligula, god and ruler. 37-41 A.D, gilt bronze
Could not draw copper or greening copper.

Kees van Dongen. Dutch, 1877-1968. The Corn Poppy c. 1919. Oil on canvas
Could not draw color of woman of background

Ferederic Basille. French 1841-1878. The Little Gardener 1866-67. Oil on canvas
Could not draw incomplete markings or colors as it is a rare unfinished imperealist piece

The most enjoyable piece to me is Matthias Stoner's The Judgement of Solomon. I liked of how he used shadows to emphasize the story within the painting. The use of light also pops out to the veiwer and captures the mood of the story.
The most disturbing piece to me was Simon Vovet's Saint Sebastian. Despite being a saint, Vovet shows a depressing even morbid said Sebastian. The use of dark color emphasized the disturbing mood.
A piece I would like to do is something similar to Joseph Havel's Exhaling Pearls. I like 3-D outdoor pieces because they are not concealed by a building. There's also no 4-wall limit outside.

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