Tuesday, March 1, 2011

List for Line Story

1.      You could see the lines I have seen and you could see the horror and joys of each line.  You could also see the insanity.
2.      Sometimes you could hear the pain or joy in each line
3.      Smell the confusion
4.      It seems like you could touch the likeness of veiwing other lines
5.      Tasting a taste of confusion, horror and inspiration within the story.
6.      There was a balance of good lines to bad lines withint the story
7.      The temperature could have been cold when horror showed, and hot when joy showed
8.      There is a lot of pain within the story, especially reading the line that was diffent from the other lines.
9.      Peer pressure and pressure from the world and other lines.
10.  Mainly the motion was slow and steady. Though when bad lines showed the motino went slow and when good lines showed it accelerated.
11.  The story goes in one direction but takes a few turned here and there within the story
12.  The sense of time is mainly present, with talking in past tense when viewing other lines.

What I wanted was for this story to show the audience was the different emotions of each line I have ever encountered. I also wanted to show that as I'm finding my line, it will be long and confusing. Which is why the story itself is a bit confusing to read.

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