Thursday, March 10, 2011

Metaphor Ideas

So my three subjects for the metaphors is: Pain, Lonely and Love

The story is my grandfather died Oct. 30 2009. At his funeral I saw sorrow which turned into tears then looked like pain in my families hearts. Though now the pain has somewhat subsubsided. Realizing this I saw my metaphor, "Time does not stop for the broken". No matter how painful is was we moved on because in the end thats all we can do.
So my idea is to get one or two medium size clocks. I literally destory one and from the other I take the working hands. Once I'm satisfyied with my destroyed clock I take the working hands and somehow put them on the broken clock. That will get the audience to under stand the metaphor "Time does not stop for the brokem"

As a kid I was shy, quiet and usually left alone. This resulted in a lonely school life up till junior high and a cold, stone heart. So the metaphor I created was "Left alone to stone alone"
So the rough idea I have to use a mannequin and a heart shaped rock. I dress up the mannequin in dark clothes and either spread out its legs or bring up the knees and let the arms wrap around them. Then with a heart shaped rock I place it near the mannequin.
The other idea is to take a heart shaped pillow, destroy one side of the heart and leave the other side clean.

With a cold stone heart its a bit hard to love. That was untill I met my 3 month old second cousin. My heart literaly melted when I saw her. I found the love endearing and frightening at the same time. I knew I would do anything for her, even at the cost of my life. So the metaphor I made is "Treasure beyond treasure"
The idea is to use either a small crib or a baby carrier (plastic/basket). From there I figured I can put either a small treasure chest of a heart


  1. need to find another way to represent love than the heart. stone heart. explore both words stone and heart.

    clock idea may work, needs more development. associations with grandfather? grief? and what else could represent time and time refusing to stop? did time get broken in the memory or just drove right on by and kept going even though your family camemto a temporary dead stop?

  2. I really like the first one! though it would be nice to have a rough sketch of them. keep it up!


  4. Honestly, I think all three ideas have a lot of potential! I'm curious to know which idea you have actually decided to use... i personally would have gone with the clocks.