Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Visual Objects

1.      Bottle
2.      Crane
3.      Piggy Bank
4.      Book
5.      Cat
6.      Bugs
7.      Gum
8.      Cup
9.      Wires
10.  Paper
11.  Coffee
12.  Softball
13.  Vick’s
14.  Newspaper
15.  Toothpaste
Question 1: Based on my list of objects, I am better at visualizing objects than people. Not a very big people person. It’s just easier to imagine objects than people.

Question 2: I am better at three-dimensional than two-dimensional. Most of my objects are three-dimensional and my art work proves this.

Question 3: I see my object either in its natural place or the complete object. For example I imagined coffee in a shop with tired people and for paper I imagined them as clouds for the sky.

Question 4: It is on top of my mind.

Question 5: Creativity is the key. Objects that can’t bring ideas or creativity to the table are a bust.

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