Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Life Map: Please grade

This is my life map.
         The start is the small bottle of baby food. This represents the early stages of my life. I have little to no memories of that time. Though I was told I really liked banana baby food.
         The next circle consist of two sticky catchers, a temperature gague, a tennis ball and 3 computer game CD's. The two sticky catchers and the tennis ball represent liking of playing games outside and at school. The computer games represent my liking of playing on the computer (literally these were three CD's I played till they went to heaven). When I was in middle school (and throughout middle school) I rasied chickens for 4-H for scholarships. I used the temperature gague to check the heat to make sure the chickens did not overheat.
        The next circle represents my life as a freshman/sophmore in high school. Not very pleasent memories as my 07, 08 yearbooks are around the trashcan. This represents my desire to thow away any memories of that time. Though the year books are still in tact because no matter how much I might want them to shred to peices, they will be a part of me for as long as I live.
        The next circle represents my junior/senior year in high school and starts off with a sterring wheel cover. I learned to drive and took over some errands for the family. Then it grows into an air cleaner. This symbolizes two events; one is me trying to breath new air and take new wind, the other is that year my sister had an asthma attack. Afterwords the house had to be complete dust proof, thus many air cleaning machines became part of the home. The next is a candle, this represent the death of my grandfather. After he passed away I took up gardening which was a hobby of his, which is represented by the greenplant bucket.
The last circle is the present. It is as tall as me and is still under consturction. The circel represents my walk in the present and the skeleton like feature is my construction. I'm not done with this circle, thus it remains unfinished like.
        What I would ike to point out is the arrangement of the circles. It starts off small then as life goes on it grows to 5 feet. Also the way the circles are set up is like the dots we created earlier in the semester. I wanted to show that I am growing and will continue to do so.

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