Thursday, March 10, 2011

Three Photos

I took this picture of my friend because I probably will not ever get another shot. As being a rare picture of my photoshooting hating friend that is why I choose this photo for the assignment.
Because of the happy atmosphere around my friend I could get a smiling photo of her. This affected me in a good way as this made me happy that she actually willingly smiled for the camera.
This photo is to be viewed by people passing by, maybe to put a smile on their faces. By being rare that my friend let me take the photo, I'll remeber this moment in time.

This photo of me was taken by surprise. My friend distracted me while the photographer took a quick snap of me. Though because of the humor in it for me and the perfect shot, I choose this picture for the assignment.
The relationship is somewhat clear. I hate taking photos so my friend demanded that I take the photo whether or not I liked it. So as I backed away from the pointing finger the photographer took a perfect shot of me and my attitude towards authority and photos.
This photo is intended for people to view to spark some kind of imagination. Like 'what exaclty is going on in the picture?' it suppose to make the viewers think for awhile. I believe I'll remember this photo in ten years.

This was taken despite me not knowing the person within the photo. A nice photo with a white background, thats why I chose this photo for this assignment.
Though I do not know this person I can tell the emotion realation between this photographer and the person is happy. Thankfully he was willing to take the photo, which makes the photo happy.
This photo is to be viewed by anyone who passes by. Hopefully I'll remember this nice photo in ten years


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